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Music is quite an amazing thing. We may not all agree on what genre of music we like to listen to, but we all agree that music has done something for us. It engraves a memory. A success story, a moment of failure, a time of happiness, a time of sadness. It’s always there when we need it. It sparks an emotion, a visual, some color. It turns a movement into a dance and a poem into a song. Music provides focus, education, history, birth. A soul shinning, body chills, off the planet experience. 

Many people here on this earth will never meet and never experience all the same things as one another. That homeless man on the corner of your block and the stock broker upstairs will probably never exchange one word to each other, but I bet they both love music. If we can’t have a world of peace and love….I’ll gladly accept world full of music. xo.


Could be the best gif ever?!
Marilyn at Call Me Madam Premier, 1953

Marilyn and Arthur Miller

Justify My Love